'Think about how many tons of waste/rest product do you produce of the energy your drying process costs?'

'Everything that goes in, will go out. No loss of quality whatsoever with low energy costs.'

Products are valuable. In nutrients and in money. YES Lines challenges you to look at your (waste) product differently: like a healthy snack with an appealing business potential.

If you really want to have an impact with your products and you’re ready for real innovation, we’re more than happy to support you with our technology. Curious how this works?

  • Your (waste) product is dried at a temperature of 38 to 40 °C with our new patented way of drying food
  • Your product can be popped with our patented pop techology in a tunnel of 4-20 meters
  • Only the liquid is extracted
  • All nutrients are preserved as a result of the low temperature
  • And the flavour remains the same
  • Only the texture changes: the product becomes a crunchy snack, optionally popped
  • Depending on the product we can dry up to 400 to 500 kg in an hour
  • Drying process can be around 4 hours

What you wish to do with your product, is up to you. The dried (and optionally popped) snacks can exist as isolated products, or can become part of a new product. We’re certain that your developers can come up with fantastic ideas a lot better than we can. Nevertheless, our job is to support you with our technology.

Do you wish to experience this yourself? Ask for a free DEMO here!

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