'YES Lines prioritizes your waste product. By including your knowledge, experience and innovative ideas we transform your waste product into a new best-selling product.'


Creating beautiful products that meet the demands of full-fledged nutrition. Products that people will enjoy and that will allow you to build a steady business with. Many food manufacturers entered the food market with this dream in mind. We get that. After all, every basic product – vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, dairy, and so on – is loaded with valuable nutritional essentials. All you want to do is get the most of it: with regards to these essentials as well as your business.

Passion for Innovation, machines and Food


The two founders Mathieu Truijen and his son-in-law Ronald Sloot started in 2016 with Yes Lines. Both are entrepreneurs with a passion for technology and innovation. Mathieu also has a technical company in Weert, which develops, produces and sells packaging machines internationally. Ronald Sloot has his own technical consultancy company which defines technical projects for innovative companies. Both have seen hundreds of production facilities and have seen all the innovations and problems here.

They both came into contact with the technology to dry food without increasing the temperature.

This concept has taken hold of them and they have bound various knowledge parties to them to be able to make a machine with which food products can make new products or replace their current drying technology.

Because Mathieu knows exactly what food companies need, the machine has become the starting point with the "Yes Energy Wave Technology". An economical drying machine that can dry products quickly, safely and healthy food. The combination of the knowledge of machines, technology and innovation in the food sector is therefore key. Yes Lines has a multidisciplinary team with a joint work experience of more than 40 years in the field of food, technology, production lines, innovations and international business. With YES Lines we help food producers to get even more out of their products.

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